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5 health problems due to excessive usage of mobile phone

Hello Netizens, here i come up with how using too much mobile phones can affects your health? yes you heard it right probably from the device you might be reading it might impact your health.It does not only affects your health but can give you phobia 'Nomophobia' which means No-Mobile-phobia,phobia of being out of cellular phone contact. But their is no need to get panic because if you use it in balance way it will not harm you. 1. Headache & anger : Studies shows that using mobile phone maximum time in a day may cause headache to most of the people followed by irritability,anger,anxiety,insomnia and lack of concentration. 2. Cancer : Some studies proves that radiation comes from mobile phone can be carcinogenic  and could increase risk of cancer and can cause brain cancer.If you are contacted with mobile phone for long time than radiofrequency energy emitted by mobile phone can be absorbed by human tissues. 3. Muscle pain :