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Dangerous food combinations & food-drug combination for your health

Hello health freaks! Let’s discuss today which food/fruits should not be eaten together and also which drug/medicine should not be consumed with what kind of food.In our family we must have heard from elderly females like; grandmothers & mother that what food should not be taken with which food,but I am pretty sure like me in childhood, you also have not given heed to the tender advice and must have taken it in a casual way, but let me tell you! they were right because ayurveda and modern science also suggested same. Here are some food combinations which are incompatible with each other; 1. Mint & Aerated drinks :   Mint and aerated drinks both makes toxic combination and it is lethal especially for  digestive system, it can form cyanide if taken together in appropriate quantity. 2. Milk with Meat &  Lemon :    As soon as we achieve adolescent it is hard to digest milk alone because lactose is tough to digest after  an age, therefore when lime taken

Japanese health practices which one should start following immediately

Hello readers ,when it comes to health we are mostly inspired from western (gymming & strength training) and indian (Yoga and meditation) routines. Similarly in diet also we follow eating rituals inspired by west (high content meat,chicken), indian (veggies,lentils,cereals,beans,legumes etc), but we have left behind the most healthy country JAPAN and despite the fact japanese men and women have longest and healthiest life span their health rituals are not followed by many of us. World Health Organization study claims, Japanese women came in first with life expectancies of 87 years. Here i am going to discuss some food habits,health rituals and exercise routine followed by japanese from ancient time; 1. Fermented food in daily routine : Japanese include fermented food in their day to day life like soy, miso  and the bean paste natto, shiokoji for seasonings, amazake, kombucha and or kimchi .Fermented food carries loads of good bacteria which helps in diges

5 health books which will change your life

Hello health freaks, today is a world's book day which is celebrated in most of the  world on the death anniversary of great William Shakespeare so i can't keep calm ! to share with you some  health, fitness and diet books which will be very useful to educate you about your body and mind and help you to direct a way ahead how to conduct your diet or any other activity to keep yourself healthy and happy. 1. The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: Your Essential Guide to Living the Keto Lifestyle  This book is written by experienced chef Amy Ramos which will provide all the information about keto diet in a very simple way which will make keto concept very easy to understand and it also includes meal plans and many easy and tasty recipes.This book is very helpful for beginners to understand the fundamentals of keto diet and having many easy clear charts to understand the nutritional information and become a pro. The keto diet is high fat low carbohydrate and a

5 health problems due to excessive usage of mobile phone

Hello Netizens, here i come up with how using too much mobile phones can affects your health? yes you heard it right probably from the device you might be reading it might impact your health.It does not only affects your health but can give you phobia 'Nomophobia' which means No-Mobile-phobia,phobia of being out of cellular phone contact. But their is no need to get panic because if you use it in balance way it will not harm you. 1. Headache & anger : Studies shows that using mobile phone maximum time in a day may cause headache to most of the people followed by irritability,anger,anxiety,insomnia and lack of concentration. 2. Cancer : Some studies proves that radiation comes from mobile phone can be carcinogenic  and could increase risk of cancer and can cause brain cancer.If you are contacted with mobile phone for long time than radiofrequency energy emitted by mobile phone can be absorbed by human tissues. 3. Muscle pain :

DIY wall hanging from chocolate box or cardboard

FLAXSEED- MULTIBENEFIT FOOD Obesity happens due altered inflammatory markers such as  CRP and TNF- alpha and treatment of obesity includes low calorie diets  and avoiding food high in carbohydrate. Flaxseed having anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Flaxseed is a rich source of fibre,alpha-linolenic acid, lignans, high quality protein and phenolic compounds. Flaxseed is established as a functional food,it provide physiological benefits and helps in preventing and/or curing of diseases . Flaxseed is the best omega 3 fatty acid source to the non-fish eaters. Edible flaxseed products include the whole flaxseed, ground meal and extracted oil.It is interesting to know that flaxseed was native of India and was a staple food crop.In India flaxseed is mainly cultivated in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh and Bihar. Nutritional composition of flaxseed : Nutrients Amount per 100 g of edible flaxseed Moisture (g)                    6.5 Prote