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Dangerous food combinations & food-drug combination for your health

Hello health freaks! Let’s discuss today which food/fruits should not be eaten together and also which drug/medicine should not be consumed with what kind of food.In our family we must have heard from elderly females like; grandmothers & mother that what food should not be taken with which food,but I am pretty sure like me in childhood, you also have not given heed to the tender advice and must have taken it in a casual way, but let me tell you! they were right because ayurveda and modern science also suggested same.

Here are some food combinations which are incompatible with each other;

1. Mint & Aerated drinks :

  Mint and aerated drinks both makes toxic combination and it is lethal especially for
 digestive system, it can form cyanide if taken together in appropriate quantity.

2. Milk with Meat &  Lemon :
 As soon as we achieve adolescent it is hard to digest milk alone because lactose is tough to digest after  an age, therefore when lime taken with milk it will get coagulates and causes acidity,digestive issues and upset stomach.

Meat take 6 hours to digest and milk also take time to digest so combining both will be a punishable offense towards your liver.

3. Sugar and Protein :

 If you use to have juice or other dessert with your protein packed meals, than you need to stop doing it immediately! sugar slows down the protein digestive enzyme activity and interrupts in protein break down.

4. Starch/cereals or oatmeals with orange juices :
Acidic nature of orange slows down the digestion of any type of starch because it eliminates enzymes which digest starches from digestive tract.

Here are some food-drug combinations which are incompatible with each other;

1. Dairy products and antibiotics :

 Antibiotics like cipro usually binds with minerals like iron,calcium,etc. if taken with milk and ultimately dairy products prohibits antibiotics to absorb in body and medicine will be ineffective to the infection/disease.

2. Apple/orange juice with anti allergy drugs :

 In consumption of both one should keep minimum 4 hours of gap because apple or orange juice inhibit peptide which transfer anti allergy medicine from digestive tract to blood stream.

3. Alcohol and Pain medicines( acetaminophen) :
 Both require same enzyme to break down in gut so  minimum 4 hours gap is must in between consumption of these two.

4. Amino acid tyramine and antidepressant medicines :

 Amino acid tyramine (smoked meat/fish) if taken with some class of antidepressants like monoamino oxidase inhibitors or MAOI's can cause sudden hike in BP and can be life threatening situation.

Now think twice while taking multiple food together and also combining food and drug together because as they say "health is the wealth".

Remain healthy and happy!!!



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