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Japanese health practices which one should start following immediately

Hello readers ,when it comes to health we are mostly inspired from western (gymming & strength training) and indian (Yoga and meditation) routines. Similarly in diet also we follow eating rituals inspired by west (high content meat,chicken), indian (veggies,lentils,cereals,beans,legumes etc), but we have left behind the most healthy country JAPAN and despite the fact japanese men and women have longest and healthiest life span their health rituals are not followed by many of us. World Health Organization study claims, Japanese women came in first with life expectancies of 87 years. Here i am going to discuss some food habits,health rituals and exercise routine followed by japanese from ancient time; 1. Fermented food in daily routine : Japanese include fermented food in their day to day life like soy, miso  and the bean paste natto, shiokoji for seasonings, amazake, kombucha and or kimchi .Fermented food carries loads of good bacteria which helps in diges