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5 health books which will change your life

Hello health freaks, today is a world's book day which is celebrated in most of the  world on the death anniversary of great William Shakespeare so i can't keep calm ! to share with you some  health, fitness and diet books which will be very useful to educate you about your body and mind and help you to direct a way ahead how to conduct your diet or any other activity to keep yourself healthy and happy. 1. The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: Your Essential Guide to Living the Keto Lifestyle  This book is written by experienced chef Amy Ramos which will provide all the information about keto diet in a very simple way which will make keto concept very easy to understand and it also includes meal plans and many easy and tasty recipes.This book is very helpful for beginners to understand the fundamentals of keto diet and having many easy clear charts to understand the nutritional information and become a pro. The keto diet is high fat low carbohydrate and a